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GB-2191333-A: High temperature electrochemical cell patent, GB-2194049-A: A photoacoustic measuring device patent, GB-2197158-A: Earphone patent, GB-2207936-A: Development drilling system patent, GB-2209669-A: Pharmaceutical composition containing high drug load patent, GB-2211795-A: Vehicles with liftable roofs patent, GB-2212517-A: Sintered copper friction facing patent, GB-2222008-A: Tracking control circuit for a tape recorder and/or player patent, GB-2229499-A: Blade-base fastening for a fibre rotor blade patent, GB-2233856-A: Electronic image processing patent, GB-2233927-A: Apparatus for screw extrusion and milling/kneading of soap. patent, GB-2234620-A: A coin selector with magnetic sensors patent, GB-2237625-A: Heat pump system patent, GB-2245414-A: Output cavity for electron beam tube patent, GB-2246168-A: Internal combustion engine patent, GB-2247299-A: Clutch disk for a friction clutch patent, GB-2247561-A: Radiation-hard optical articles from single-crystal diamond of high isotopic purity patent, GB-2250762-A: Soil treatment patent, GB-2258040-A: Method and apparatus for producing a porosity log of a subsurface formation corrected for detector standoff patent, GB-2261369-A: A bed spring unit patent, GB-2262997-A: Robot origin return system patent, GB-2269593-A: A method and system for continuously crystallising and polymerising synthetic material. patent, GB-2271520-A: Cyclone separator patent, GB-2271752-A: Binding apparatus patent, GB-2276409-A: Shower doors patent, GB-2278625-A: Garage or like doors or panels patent, GB-2278870-A: An interlocking joint patent, GB-2279961-A: Paint containing white opacifier patent, GB-2284640-A: Slide member patent, GB-2285656-A: Disc tumbler cylinder patent, GB-2286503-A: Piezo-electric transducer patent, GB-2287152-A: Vehicle security system patent, GB-2291643-A: Making an optical fibre preform by the rod-in-tube method patent, GB-2295118-A: PCMCIA Card manufacturing process patent, GB-2295755-A: Television broadcast distribution system patent, GB-2297847-A: Catalyst deterioration detecting apparatus and exhaust emission control device failure detecting apparatus patent, GB-2305430-A: Zirconia based ceramic material patent, GB-2306054-A: Magnetic lifting devices patent, GB-2314744-A: A variable encoding rate puncturing coder patent, GB-2321460-A: Monomeric and oligomeric bisphosphites as stabilisers for polymers such as PVC and as additives for lubricants, hydraulic fluids and metal processing fluids patent, GB-2322211-A: Method and apparatus for fast decoding of ooh and ofh mapped instructions patent, GB-2324394-A: Optimizing a power system network configuration patent, GB-2325221-A: Dispensing apparatus patent, GB-2329537-A: Integrated low-pass filter patent, GB-2331348-A: Flexible secondary-contained pipe assembly patent, GB-2334594-A: Arrayed waveguide grating device patent, GB-2337673-A: Detecting data from received radio signals patent, GB-2340120-A: Nettle extract containing phytosterols patent, GB-2341500-A: A power supply for an electronic device having a standby mode patent, GB-2342670-A: High gas/liquid ratio submergible pumping system utilizing a jet pump patent, GB-2352963-A: Discouraging manual opening of pedal-operated bin lid patent, GB-2354020-A: Building block former patent, GB-2356310-A: Halftone method employing 1 to 1 screening patent, GB-2357170-A: Method and device for computer testing on a production line. patent, GB-2364714-A: Spray-drying a material in the presence of a particulate solid patent, GB-2364821-A: Ion filling control in ion trap mass spectrometers patent, GB-2367581-A: A clip cover for a window or door frame patent, GB-2367953-A: An electric machine rotor suitable for sensorless control patent, GB-2368530-A: A needle for use in reflexotherapy and an applicator using the same patent, GB-2374251-A: Base station transmitter patent, GB-2379819-A: Image processing to remove red-eye features patent, GB-2385408-A: Flow mixer patent, GB-2386991-A: System and method for checking data stored in database system used for parts management patent, GB-2387784-A: Cosmetic sleeve for endoprosthesis patent, GB-2393600-A: Video block error sensing by detection of block shapes in output patent, GB-2393901-A: Folding Table patent, GB-2395240-A: A sealing arrangement for sealing a leakage gap between relatively moveable parts in a flow path patent, GB-2399998-A: Communications systems patent, GB-2401072-A: Silica-based indicating desiccant patent, GB-2415100-A: A steering current generator for a four-quadrant phase interpolator patent, GB-2418365-A: Defibrillation contact electrode with self test features patent, GB-2419471-A: Power supply having multiple AC receptacles patent, GB-2429979-A: Reducing leakage in encapsulated perfumes patent, GB-2430965-A: Method of deploying a floating platform patent, GB-2432069-A: Reducing block noise by applying a dither signal in areas of low spatial detail patent, GB-2437107-A: Programmable read-only memory patent, GB-2439761-A: Phase shifting unit using mutually movable sections to vary path length patent, GB-2439872-A: Wave energy accumulator patent, GB-2441753-A: Rib Post patent, GB-2452924-A: A method of treating waste dust patent, GB-2453181-A: Conditioning parallel superconducting switches against quench patent, GB-2463413-A: Rotor mountain device and rotor mounting method patent, GB-2468464-A: Articles of clothing patent, GB-2469377-A: Three dimensional orientation and direction indicator andapparatus for providing information on a direction patent, GB-2470466-A: Apparatus for generator stator mounting patent, GB-2474459-A: Analysing data transmissions patent, GB-2475332-A: Hedge Cutter Attachment patent, GB-2478678-A: Method of designing a bottom hole assembly and a bottom hole assembly patent, GB-2481374-A: A protective cover for a compact fluorescent lamp patent, GB-2488723-A: Subsea cap patent, GB-2489799-A: Floating gate valve seal patent, GB-2492625-A: Driving apparatus incorporating a detectable member comprising a plurality of first and second areas arranged alternately and with different characteristics. patent, GB-2493644-A: Deciding the order of SIC detection by adjusting MCS patent, GB-2494892-A: System and Method for Monitoring Network Connections patent, GB-2496216-A: Pushchair with adult seat patent, GB-2497553-A: Authentication of irises using bit patterns and a portable data store patent, GB-2498254-A: Multi-parametric magnetic resonance diagnosis and staging of liver disease patent, GB-2501687-A: Electrical machine having regulated power angle patent, GB-2503567-A: Elute-collecting mechanism patent, GB-2505917-A: Method of calculating leakage in a common rail fuel injection system taking into account a predetermined leakage quantity. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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